Top five features to consider when purchasing a battery-operated grease gun

Making the choice to put down your standard grease gun in favor of a new, battery-operated grease gun can be a big decision. Your old grease gun has worked well for many years and still works great.  However, working the gun requires both hands and sometimes a third hand to hold the whip hose on the grease fitting. If you have many points to lubricate, the process can take a long time. All these issues can be solved by a purchasing a battery-operated grease gun.

These cordless grease guns hit the market in 1999, and their popularity has increased ever since. So much so that many companies have now added them to their product line.  There are some key features to keep in mind when deciding which brand will work best for you.


Batteries–Lithium Ion vs. NiCad
How do you want to power your grease gun? Lithium ion batteries are the latest technology for hand tools and run a flat-energy output. This means that the output in a Li Ion battery will be constant all the way until the battery is depleted of energy. When operating a NiCad version, however, you will notice a gradual reduction in the power until the batter is dead. The lifespan of Lithium Ion batteries is nearly three times as long as a standard NiCad battery and have a great shelf life and no memory. NiCad batteries do have their limitations but have a lower price tag which might work for your situation.

Does the grease gun have enough power to break through clogged fittings? This issue is not relevant for some applications, but a lot do. Fittings can become clogged with dirt, old grease, debris, concrete, etc. If you can’t get the grease to penetrate the blockage, the entire fitting has to be replaced. Battery-operated grease guns range in psi from 4,500 to 10,000.

Lube Meter

Do you know how much grease you are applying to each point?

The ability to measure the amount of grease going to each point is a big plus when shopping for a cordless grease gun. Too much lubricant can damage bearings and it wastes grease…both of which are costly. This is a very important feature to have on a grease gun and should be considered when deciding on which brand to buy.

How quickly is the grease dispensed? High flow is not a good thing for all applications. Some cordless grease guns deliver so quickly they can damage a seal or grease boot before you even have the chance to release the trigger. Conversely, slower output models are inefficient in large-capacity or large lube points. Outputs range from 2.2 ounces/minute to 10 ounces/minute.

Run time
How many cartridges of grease does your cordless grease gun dispense before the battery dies? If you are greasing a machine with numerous points that require a lot of grease, are you going to want to recharge in the middle of the job? If not, you are going to have to purchase a second battery to help complete the project. Cartridge output ranges anywhere from two to 20 depending on the brand and the type of job.

Does the grease gun fit well in your hand? Batteries can add substantial weight to a grease gun…especially NiCad version. You want to make sure that the grease gun you purchase is a nice weight that will not hurt your arm or hand when used for extended amounts of time. The gun should be easy to grip and should have a nice balance to it to reduce wrist/arm strain. Some versions are made to rest on a flat surface while in use which helps reduce fatigue.




Does the grease gun include an LED light? Greasing is often done early in the morning, late in the day or under large equipment. These LED lights make a world of difference in these applications. Locating a small grease fitting in dim light and hidden in dust and dirt is quite challenging. I recommend looking for this feature when making your buying purchasing decision.

Battery-operated grease guns are a great tool to have in your arsenal. If you have lots of greasing to do, then the cost to upgrade is worth the price. Technology is moving rapidly and there are exciting times ahead…even for grease guns!

Author: Kevin Jones
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Susan Petersen

11/1/2018 7:38 AM

Great article!

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