How much does an automatic lubrication system cost?

There are many factors that determine the final price.

Asking how much an auto lube system costs is like asking how much does a new house cost to build? Well, in order effectively answer that question, a home builder needs to know some specifics first. How big of house do you want? How many rooms? How many windows? Are you going to have upgraded windows and trim? Do you want crown molding? Stainless-steel appliances? You get the point. When talking about lubrication systems, a few questions need to be answered before a general price tag can be applied.

What type of machine will you be lubricating?
Automatic lubrication spans a broad range of industries and applications. Everything from construction and mining to industrial, wind, rail, agriculture, natural gas and more. All are all potential players and will affect the cost of your system.

It is important to note that most times, the type of machine will dictate which type of lubrication system needs to be installed on a machine. The can be, however, a few overlaps between systems per application. Your local systems dealer will educate you on the system that best fits your machine(s).

How many lubrication points does your machine have?
The number of lubrication points that need to be covered is a major determiner of what type system to install on your machine. There are several types of lubrication system possibilities, and each one has an optimal amount of lube points as a target.

How far will you be pumping grease to get to the lube points?
The distance from the point to the lubrication point also helps identify the type of system that will best fit your application. Some lubrication system are designed to efficiently pump a few feet, and some are best suited for pumping extremely long distances.

What type of lubricant will you be pumping?
Does your machine require extremely heavy/viscous grease or does it require a less viscous oil. Pumping a heavy grease requires substantially more pressure to move that grease through the supply lines. There are many pumps on the market, each one excels with certain lubricant types.

Pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic?
With all the different types of automated systems on the market, all will fit into one of three categories – pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic. They type of system you could affect the bottom-line cost.


ROI of an automated lubrication system
If you are thinking about purchasing an automated lube system, you have to also remember to calculate the ROI on your system. Many factors play a part in justifying the total initial cost for a system. Do you have a lot of machine downtime due to bearing failure? How much time do you spend manually lubricating your machines…and how much of that time will be saved by installing and auto lube system? Are there any safety issues associated with manual lubrication (i.e., crawling on or under machines in order to hit hard-to-reach lube points)? These are all major factors in helping calculate how long it will take you to gain the return on your automated lube system investment.

Price range

System can range in price from a few hundred dollars for a single-point system to thousands of dollars for a fully integrated multi-line system. The chart below illustrates the price range for the typical lubrication systems available on the market.

Stating a price for a lubrication system without knowing all of the specifics is nearly impossible. Hopefully, the chart above will give you a better idea about an automated lubrication system investment. Please contact your Lincoln automated lubrication system dealer for more information.

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