A New Way to Connect to Grease Fittings

Lincoln PowerLock lever-action grease coupler - Model 5900

Since the invention of the grease gun, users have battled attaching and detaching the grease coupler to and from the fitting. Finding just the right angle to push the grease coupler on and off can be challenging at times. The new Lincoln PowerLock lever-action grease coupler allows the user to quickly and easily engage and disengage the grease fitting during the lubrication process.

Locking jaw mechanism

What makes this tool so incredible is the protected locking jaw mechanism. The locking jaws expand inside the coupler when the lever is pressed and easily grabs the grease fitting to pull it tightly into the seat of the PowerLock coupler.

The locking jaws hold securely until the lever is pressed and removed from the fitting, even under pressure.
This tight fit has two benefits. First, it reduces grease bypass which results in lower lubricant costs and a cleaner work environment. Second, it allows the use of both hands while the coupler is attached to the fitting. Once the PowerLock coupler has been seated on the fitting, you can let it go even when using a grease gun with a flexible hose.

Rugged design

The PowerLock lever-action grease coupler is designed for rugged use and long life. The all-steel construction can withstand rough use without damaging the locking jaws. The coupler is substantial and gives the locking jaw the protection it needs from heavy use. When the lever is pressed, the locking jaw is shielded from the work environment. Some other lever-action designs leave the jaws exposed creating the potential for damage, contaminates and premature failure. Rebuild kits are often required for models of this design.


A very important part of the PowerLock’s design is the integrated rubber grip. This unique feature protects your hands in the event of a compromised grease hose rupture.
Grease hoses are subjected to bending, kinking and very high pressures leaving them susceptible to damage and dangerous leakage, especially where the hose meets the hose-end fitting. Competitive locking couplers put this vulnerable, pressurized area in the middle of the palm of your hand.

The PowerLock rubber grip will protect the hand from a potentially dangerous injection of grease into the skin…a nasty injury that requires immediate medical attention for proper healing. The rubber handle also makes it much easier to operate the tool when engaging a fitting.


The Lincoln PowerLock grease coupler works with any grease gun with a flexible delivery hose. It does not matter if you have a lever-action, pistol-grip, battery-operated, electric or pneumatic grease gun. The PowerLock coupler will greatly simplify the act of greasing.

For more information about the Lincoln PowerLock lever-action grease coupler - model 5900, please visit or contact your local lubrication sales representative.

Click here to watch the 5900 PowerLock video :

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