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ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its new Airless Spray System.  Because the system requires no air, it is ideal for mining, concrete, steel and other heavy industries that need dependable, lubricant spraying.

The cost-effective system is low maintenance and works in a wide range of temperatures, virtually eliminating freeze-ups caused by air.  The Airless Spray system requires less plumbing than air-assisted systems because air lines do not have to be run, and the non-atomizing spray reduces lubricant consumption as well as fogging.

Maintaining a constant lube temperature, the system provides a uniform spray pattern ranging from widths of 24 inches or more, from distances of 18 inches or more.  The unit’s lubricant volume output and duration of spray are adjustable to minimize dripping, and the choice of spray patterns ensures that the lubricant reaches its target areas.

The system is available with a controller model that serves one or two spray units and includes its own timer controls, or customers can select a model that works with their PLC, controlling either one or two spray units.

The Airless Spray System’s filter panel comes complete with two filter units and dual pressure gauges. The system handles greases up to NLGI #2 and can spray some lubricants that were previously considered unsprayable.


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