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ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln Industrial has developed four new models of its popular FlowMaster®, hydraulic pump.  Designed for heavy industry, mining and construction applications, the FlowMaster now offers Model 85427, Model 85610, Model 85586 and Model 85220.

Developed for use with a 120-pound drum, Model 85427 offers a manual override solenoid valve for initiating a manual lubrication cycle at the pump.  Model 85586 is a heavy-duty pump that utilizes a 400-pound drum and features chrome-plated components to withstand the most severe conditions.  Also designed for use with a 400-pound drum, Model 85610 is recommended for low-temperature applications to -60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Model 85520 features a 120-pound grease reservoir to provide longer maintenance intervals. All new models are designed to work as part of a Lincoln Centro-Matic® Lubrication System.

FlowMaster pumps perform well in cold or hot weather conditions and with high viscosity grease.  The wear-compensating motor serves as a reliable, long-lasting power source, and the positive displacement pump features a unique stationary plunger and reciprocating cylinder design to ensure positive priming.  FlowMaster's compact size allows for easy installation in small spaces.  The integrated control manifold allows for pressure and lubricant adjustment.


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