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FlowMaster Level Detect Sensor

ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its new FlowMaster Grease Level Sensor and Overflow Prevention System. Together, the advanced grease level gauge design with optional automatic overflow shut-off valve system is unique to the industry and can help to eliminate dangerous and costly overfills.

The system senses the follower position in the reservoir and sends a signal to the grease level gauge, which can be mounted at the fill station. The level indicator signal also can be integrated into on-board systems. When filling the reservoir, an optional high-pressure, shut-off valve activates when the reservoir is full, stalling the supply pump. After the supply pump is turned off, a pressure-relief button opens the valve to decrease supply line pressure for safe uncoupling. This system may be retrofitted to all FlowMaster pump and bucket combinations with a follower.

For more information on Lincoln's FlowMaster Grease Level Sensor and Overflow Prevention System, contact Customer Service at 1-314-679-4200, Ext. 4410, or visit our web site at

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