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Lincoln has introduced its new 3630 series of portable used fluid equipment. Designed for vehicle service applications, models 3635, 3637 and 3639 provide superior performance and long service life.


All three feature a 24-gallon (90 liter), welded-steel tank supported by heavy-duty, 4-inch (102 mm) swivel casters and 6-inch (150 mm), fixed-axle wheels selected for their size, durability and resistance to shop chemicals. Emptying the tanks requires shop air and a standard tire chuck to discharge the fluid through a 6-foot (1,8 m), nylon-reinforced hose. A steel J-hook on the hose output conveniently secures in the opening of bulk storage containers or fill pipes. The three models include a built-in, fluid-level sight gauge, tool tray and tank-mounted clip for securing the discharge hose when not in use.


Model 3635 gravity drain has a portable upright configuration for collecting fluids under lift-mounted vehicles. Its 15-inch (381 mm) offset funnel includes a removable filter screen and wide-mouth extension that increases the diameter to 24 inches (610 mm), and the unit’s height is adjustable from 51 to 76 inches (1,3 to 1,9 m), not including the extension.


Model 3637 used fluid evacuator utilizes a powerful compressed-air-operated venturi to quickly extract fluids from reservoirs or directly through a dipstick tube. The operator simply connects shop air to charge the tank, attaches one of six wand choices, inserts the wand and opens the valve to allow the vacuum to draw the used fluid from the reservoir into the tank.


Model 3639 combination used fluid drain and evacuator brings together the features of the 3635 drain and 3637 evacuator to form a single unit. Operators can collect fluids by gravity from lift-mounted vehicles or use a venturi to extract fluids directly from reservoirs or through a dipstick tube.


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