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Mityvac MV6412 ATF Refill System

Mityvac has introduced its new Model MV6412 ATF Refill System for vehicle service applications. The system features a 2.5-gallon (10 liter) reservoir, which provides increased capacity over Mityvac’s popular MV6410 model, reducing the time a technician must spend refilling the reservoir on larger jobs.

The MV6412 combines the fluid reservoir and lid with an integrated pressure pump and 10 ATF refill adapters to fill or top-off sealed automatic transmissions. The system also includes a narrow 12-inch wand for dispensing fluids in tight areas and a convenient hanging hook.

The MV6412 features a safety relief valve to prevent over-pressurization and a tilt valve for manually relieving pressure in the reservoir. The refill system’s automatic safety shutoff valves at the reservoir and accessory fittings prevent fluid from discharging if disconnected prior to relieving pressure.


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