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SKF offers upgraded Lincoln fluid management systems

Gothenburg, July 2015:  SKF today announced the introduction of its second-generation Lincoln LFC 2000 and LFC 2500 fluid management systems for vehicle service applications. The redesigned systems include several improvements and feature a new radio technology that enhances operation.

The upgraded LFC systems utilize one meter for both oils and special fluids and offer new 2.4 GHz ZigBee radio technology for higher power. The easy-to-install units have automatic gain control to eliminate close-distance issues and automatically select the channel with least interference for improved communication. The LFC systems also have a new security PIN procedure for changing parameters. 

Other benefits of the redesigned systems include lower power consumption and increased battery life of up to 50 percent. The units periodically check for network connection to improve reliability and feature new firmware with enhanced keypad status screens. 

The LFC 2000 system provides totally wireless communication and was developed for smaller facilities that do not require work order validation or PC support. It features one centralized keypad and an internal ticket printer for reporting. The LFC 2000 manages up to 30 simultaneous dispense meters with a single keypad.

The LFC 2500 is suitable for larger facilities and shops that need more control and reporting via a PC. It supports multiple dispense keypads throughout the facility and manages up to 250 dispense meters. The LFC 2500 includes new PC software for easy setup, job loading and transaction printing.


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