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SKF offers new lubrication system controller

Gothenburg, 1, July 2015:  SKF today announced the introduction of its LMC 101 controller for lubrication applications on single-line or progressive lubrication systems. Developed for use on off-road and mobile equipment, the LMC 101 also is suitable for many low-voltage, industrial lubrication applications, such as those found in food and beverage, pulp and paper and steel markets.

Designed to function as either a timer or controller, the versatile SKF LMC 101 can cycle a pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically driven pump at different timing intervals. The unit is configured easily using PC software and a USB connection and can control a high-current pump without an external relay.

The SKF LMC 101 has LED indicators that display power, pump function, low-level faults and system faults. Its data-logging feature includes date and time of alarms, power ups, configuration changes and lubrication cycles, as well as totals lubrication count, manual lubrication count, pressure alarms, low levels and pump on-time information. In addition, the unit features four inputs and four outputs and provides a manual lubrication cycle activation button for convenience.


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