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Upgraded PMV Pumps

Gothenburg, 1, June 2015:  SKF today announced the upgrade of its advanced Lincoln PMV pump line. Originally introduced in 2007, the PMV pump line is recognized for its strong performance, quiet operation, ease of use and design simplicity. Building on this widely utilized design, SKF continues to develop and improve the PMV to provide customers with technically advanced, long-lasting lubrication service pumps.  

The upgraded design includes a more robust outlet body casting and a copper pump tube seal that protects the internal outlet casting. In addition, an outlet check on the oil pumps prevents excess supply line pressure from reaching the pump and prevents damage due to thermal expansion back pressure.

All standard PMV features and benefits remain, including the PowerMaster III-based air logic packaged in a one-piece, modular assembly; an air cylinder and piston designed for simplicity; single-piece gland nut with divorced fluid and air seals; and a hard, chrome-plated pump rod.  

Established in 1910, the Lincoln brand is a world leader in the manufacture and sale of lubrication and pumping equipment for industry. Lincoln is managed by the Lubrication Business Unit, which is part of the SKF Group based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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