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Lincoln WRL wire rope lubricator

SKF today announced the introduction of the Lincoln wire rope lubricator. Developed as a service tool, the lubricator is attached periodically to equipment on a monthly, quarterly or other cycle to lubricate steel wire ropes.

The Lincoln wire rope lubricator eliminates manual lubrication and, in turn, yields less downtime and longer service life. This reliable tool forces lubricant into the wire rope core to reduce friction and heat generation, which increases service life. The wire rope lubricator is easy to use and supports all types of grease lubricants typically utilized for this task. Fast and efficient, the lubricator helps to prevent corrosion and reduces waste and contamination.

Featuring a robust design for harsh environments, the Lincoln wire rope lubricator is suitable for virtually any application utilizing wire rope, such as on traveling, mobile, wharf and ship cranes, deck winches, ship hoists, wire ropes for remote-operated vehicles, winding machines in mines, and oil and gas rigs.


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