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ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln offers its new Reel-N-Flow Pump and Reel Kit to meet the demands of off-road equipment lubrication. Designed to provide quick, efficient machine lubrication, the kit increases equipment life significantly and can be used as a “lube truck” for other equipment on the job site.

Lincoln’s Reel-N-Flow Pump and Reel Kit can reduce daily manual lubrication time by half, thereby increasing productivity and profitability. Its 24-volt DC electric operation makes installation simple. The kit features high-pressure, high-flow capabilities, up to 6,000 psi, to overcome tight pins/bushings or blocked lube points and to deliver grease in extreme temperatures.

The Reel-N-Flow’s custom pump and follower design empties the grease bucket completely with no waste, and its built-in pressure switch extends service life by allowing the pump to operate only when needed.
The kit includes the proven Lincoln electric FlowMaster® pump, heavy-duty hose reel, control valve and swivel.

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