Heavy Industry 

Steel, cement, glass, chemical plants, utilities and paper mills operate in the toughest environments with large-scale lubrication needs. Our systems feed thousands of lubrication points over great distances offering cost-effective solutions.




General Industry

We have solutions for everything from lubricating the intricate ballet of robotic activity found in the automotive manufacturing to tackling the complex, environmentally-sensitive applications of the food and beverage market.




Off-road Equipment

Lincoln protects heavy equipment used in mining, construction and agriculture. Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere, Claas and other manufacturers make Lincoln's factory fit systems part of their equipment.





From centralized manual trailer kits to completely automated tractor systems, international manufacturers, commercial carriers and large private fleets take advantage of our lubrication methods to keep their equipment on the road.




Automotive Service

Whether you're setting up a brand new vehicle maintenance facility or simply buying a new grease gun, Lincoln has the best lubrication equipment to meet the needs of automotive service professionals. Complete service and installation is available through our network of Petroleum Equipment Service Distributors (PESD). In addition, Lincoln lubrication products can be purchased from thousands of auto parts, farm supply and retail outlets.