From few lubrication points to several thousand - we offer the best-suited products and systems for every lubrication application - worldwide. Please choose among our information packages per branch / industry below:


Lincoln protects and keeps agriculture and forestry equipment running smoothly. Our oil and grease lubrication systems are designed for the adverse environments of this industry.  Look at the Agriculture details to learn which Lincoln lubrication systems are suitable for your agricultural machinery.  Click Here to learn more.

Lincoln protects and keeps construction and mining equipment running smoothly. Our oil and grease lubrication systems are designed for the adverse environments of this industry.  Click Here to learn more.

Lincoln has the right lubrication system that caters to the special requirements of the Food and Beverage industry.
Click Here to learn more.

Industrial Vehicles Industry
Municipalities, fleet operations and transportation companies are constantly under pressure to save money, increase productivity and make every investment in commercial vehicles last longer. Since tight schedules, demanding customers and Mother Nature never seem to make things easier, operations managers have to find ways to lower costs and improve efficiencies through better vehicle maintenance practices.  Click Here to learn more.

Lubrication Systems for Rails
Lincoln offers customized lubrication systems for all mobile and stationary rail equipment.  Click Here to learn more.

Lubrication Solutions for the Wind Industry
A lack of proper lubrication can bring your valuable equipment to a standstill. Vibration, high mechanical loads, contamination and moisture are all threats to the life of your bearings. Proper lubrication protects your machine and extends the life of its critical components.  Click Here to learn more.

General Industry
From the lubrication of complex robot movements to environmentally demanding surroundings, Lincoln always has the right solution. Lincoln lubrication systems offer protection that is efficient, rational and environmentally friendly.  Click Here to learn more.

Ink Supply Systems for the Graphic Industry
Lincoln Graphics offers complete systems, service and consulting for the entire spectrum of ink supply, especially for all offset printing presses.  Click Here to learn more.

Heavy Industry
Steel, cement, mining, glass, chemical plants and paper mills operate in the toughest environments with large-scale lubrication needs. Lincoln's cost-effective systems feed thousands of lubrication points over great distances.  Click Here to learn more.