The Flexible Single-line System

CentroMatic single-line systems are used when the quantity of lubricant per point largely differs. The flexible, and direct operating CentroMatic injector has a metal-to-metal fit and a spring-loaded metering pistons that can supply lubricant at high pressures (up to 240 bar for grease and 68 bar for oil). Thus, oil and grease up to NLGI class 2 may be used.
Each independently operated injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of lubricant required. Provided the pump capacity is sufficient and the tube dimensions are appropriate, the system may be enlarged at any time.

Centro Matic


• Individual metering per lubrication point
• Visual monitoring
• Lubricant supply at high pressure
• Simplicity – easy to understand and install
• Extra lubrication points may easily be added
• Injectors also available in stainless steel
• Special injector versions for high temperature