Compact and Mid-Size Lubrication Systems

• Standard Systems with electric drive

Multi-line and Progressive Lubrication Systems

The renowned Quicklub series are based on the reliable progressive principal. They are available for AC or DC supply, and are therefore suitable for stationary applications as well as mobile equipment (trucks or construction and agriculture machinery). Quicklub systems are designed for interval lubrication.
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Data Logger QuickData 2008

Know that your lubrication system is running smoothly.
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QLS 401 - The Compact Lubrication System

Now with stirring paddle for improved grease homogenisation.
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SSV Progressive Metering Device

The perfect feature of the Quicklub system is the single-block progressive metering device.
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SSV-D Metering Device

The first real adjustable progressive metering device.
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Pump Models 205 & 215

Multi-line pumps for stationary machines and equipment that require medium amounts of lubricant. These pumps are also suitable for continuous lubricant supply.
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Lincoln lubrication systems are always extendable

Single-line Lubrication Systems

Single-line System 603 S / 653 S

This newly developed robust system is ideally suited for wind turbines – even offshore applications – and for off-road mobile equipment such as construction and mining machines and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

In the general industry the system is used to lubricate small to mid-sized stationary machines or machine groups. 4, 8, 10, 15 or 20 liter reservoir.

- Pump 603 S or 653 S
- QSL / SL Injectors
- SE1 Suction Elements for Used Lubricant
- PU (Polyurethane) pinion for the machanical lubrication of open gear drives

Centro-Matic Single-line Systems

Well-built single-line systems that, depending on the size of pump, can be used for small, medium or large size systems.
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• Hydraulically Driven Lubrication Pumps

HTL 101

Hydraulic driven pump for the continuous lubrication of hydraulic equipment such as hammers and grippers on construction machinery.
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HTL 201

For a continuous lubrication of small hydraulic equipment.
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• Mechanically Driven Lubrication Pumps

MOS 201

Mechanically Driven Oil Lubrication Pump – For the Oil Lubrication of Slow Moving Chains.
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MOS / MOP 212 and MGP 101

Mechanical Oil & Grease Lubrication System - The Tandem Pump Especially for Balers
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HP 15

Manual lubrication pumps for economical lubricant supply for small systems.
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• Pneumatically / Air-driven Lubrication Pumps

PTL 201

Compact Pneumatically Driven Lubrication Pump. For the continuous lubrication of small pneumatically operated machines.
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Pneumatic lubrication pumps

For small and medium size lubrication systems that can be driven by air.
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