Contact Lubrication with Guide Blocks
For conveyor chains in rough environment

System advantages

The main applications for this genuine simple new lubrication system are transport/conveyor chains found in all industries.
This system simultaneously cleans, guides and continuously lubricates the chain – and it has an extraordinary long life thanks to highly wear-resistant plastics that are very robust and insensitive to contamination and knocks.
The system is patent pending and underlies protection of registered design No. 20210758.2
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Application Areas

The system has been designed especially for chains in pallet conveyor systems, e.g. in the food and beverage industry. Pallet systems for return goods are particularly exposed to a high grade of contamination: wood chips, broken glass, and in the winter, ice particles stick to the chain and result in premature wear.
Other applications for a contact lubrication system are passenger or freight elevators as well as escalators.

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