CRL 101 - Automated Wheel Flange Lubrication

for Rails and Wheels of Cranes and Other Rail Vehicles


Main applications are for all types of harbour cranes and special container handling systems, as well as overhead or gantry cranes as found in the steel industry

The Lincoln CRL 101 lubrication system was specially developed for the lubrication of slow moving rail type cranes. The system is suitable for all machinery that operates on a rail profile according to DIN 536 Part 1 (size A 45 to A 120) and that are slowly driven.


• Minimal wear of crane wheels and rails
• Exact, adjustable, metered quantity of lubricant reduces consumption
• Automated lubrication system for optimal adaptation to all operating conditions

Lincoln CRL 101 Lubrication Operation

The Lincoln CRL 101 uses two lubrication rollers for the left and right flank of the crane rail to evenly apply lubricant. The lubrication rollers run parallel to the crane wheels.

Our product flyer pertaining to CRL 101 Wheel Flange Lubrication is available here.