Fully Automated Lubrication System for Rail Flanks and Rail Heads

High pressure system for cold temperatures and for NLGI 2 grease

Lincoln Systems for Rail Flank and Rail Head Lubrication apply the lubricant with an applicator (wiper bar) that is flanged to the rail profile. The lubricant is precisely applied to the contact area of the rail flank or rail head. And it is not necessary to drill the rails.


Sensors determine the number of axels of the approaching train and initiate the lubrication impulse. The duration of the impulse which determines the lubricant supply, is adjustable and can be set to the applicable conditions.
A high pressure pump supplies the wiper bars with an exact metered amount of lubricant.
The lubricant is picked up by the wheel flange of the train and evenly distributed on the rail contact area. The distributed lubricant is evident for kilometers beyond the stationary lubrication station. As a result, often several, closely spaced consecutive curves can be supplied with lubricant from only one Wayside station.

SSV Progressive Metering Device

The SSV progressive metering devices are piston units that reliably meter the lubricant in individual quantities. The Lincoln progressive metering devices do have trouble-prone rubber seals or o-rings. As a consequence they are ideal for applications with high back pressures and they can be used in a wide range of temperatures.