Large Lubrication Systems

Our product range for large systems consists of single-line or two-line systems. Reservoir or drum pumps are available with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

• Reservoir pumps with electric drive come with a reservoir capacity of up to 100 litres.

Dual-line lubrication systems

Dual-line lubrication systems are designed for systems with large distances between lubrication points that use NLGI class 2 grease (or oil) at pressures up to 400 bar.

Dual-line systems – more information
• ZPU 01/02 – supply pumps with 10 or 30 litre reservoir for two-line systems, or for progressive and single-line systems.
• ZPU 08/14/24 – supply pumps for two-line systems - 40 or 100 litre reservoirs System components for high pressure.

Components for two-line systems:

• Dual-line metering devices
• Change-over valves
• Magnetic Indicator Device

Single-line lubrication systems

Suitable for softer greases (including NLGI 1), smaller distances and pressures up to 300 bar.

CentroMatic-systems for large systems - robust pumps for the cost effective supply of single-line systems with lubricant – see also QSL / SL Injector-type metering devices.

For large lubricant injectors go to SL, SL-V, SL-V XL.

• Bulk Container and Drum Pumps with pneumatic or hydraulic drive – for single-line and dual-line systems:

• FlowMaster Pumps – with rotary hydraulic drive
• PowerMaster Pumps – for drums or containers
• PileDriver Pumps – for drums or containers – and for thick medium fluids