CentroMatic Systems

Single-line Systems for Oil & Grease

Single-stroke Pumps

Pneumatic, for small centralised lubrication systems with SL-42 and 43 oil metering devices (injectors) or SL32 and 33 grease metering devices (injectors).

Several models are available with integrated controller.





Used for example on large excavators and other off-road equipment for the automated supply of lubricant to points with high lubricant requirements.

Lubricant metering devices (injectors) for single-line systems

For detailed information see QSL / SL Injectors and SL-SLV injectors.

Pumps with Hydraulic Drive

Container pumps with the reliable PowerMaster pump tubes for CentroMatic greasing systems
The pumping systems are individually matched to suit your requirements.

Reciprocating CentroMatic Pumps for systems with a larger number of injectors (metering devices):

Pneumatic Drum Pumps

for stationary systems, see PowerMaster Pumps.

FlowMaster Series

Robust piston pump with rotary drive for the supply of lubricant in centralised lubrication systems

FlowMaster pumps are used, for example, as centralised lubrication pumps with CentroMatic SL-1 injectors in off-road applications
These pumps are available with hydraulic or electric drive

Find out more in our product flyer FlowMaster.