Helios Dual-line Systems

Combines SSV Progressive and Dual-line VSKH Metering Devices

Suitable for NLGI class 2 grease, for long distances and for pressures up to 400 bar (oil applications also possible).

Dual-line systems are used to supply lubricant to lubrication points of entire filling and packaging lines. One centrally located pump is capable of reliably supplying over 2000 points with lubricant.
A higher flexibility in the metering of lubricant is achieved in combination with Quicklub progressive metering devices. Also the cost effectiveness speaks for a combined system. Helios dual-line systems may be extended at any time.



Machines and systems encompassing a large number of lubrication points. For example in:

• Steel Industry
• Cement Industry
• Paper Industry
• Beverage Industry
• Mining and Earth Moving Equipment


System Features

High pressure system up to 400 bar, for lubrication points with variances in lubricant quantity requirements.
Individual monitoring - standard with visual - or optional electrical monitoring.


• Perfect for widely dispersed lubrication points
• Visual or electrical monitoring of each outlet pair
• If one bearing should block-up, all other outlet pairs continue to supply lubricant
• Simple and individual metering of the lubricant – each outlet pair can be adjusted separately
• Metering devices also available in stainless steel
• Intelligent control which automatically adjusts the minimum required system pressure – thereby increasing life-span of component