PowerLuber 14.4V / 1700mAh

Cordless Grease Gun for Professional Use

Lincoln's new, heavy-duty 14.4 Volt PowerLuber gives you the power to lubricate just about anything, anytime, anywhere.
• Two-speed switch for high-pressure or high-volume delivery
• Cycle indicator pin to monitor grease output
• "Smart" charging system delivers reliable power
All the features you need, including comfortable grip and balanced design; hook for shoulder strap; built-in hose and coupler holder; and a slim, compact carrying case.
• Better then ever!

Model 1442-E PowerLuber

Packed in a heavy-duty compact case molded from impact- and stain-resistant plastic, this package comes complete with the 14.4 V PowerLuber and battery, a 230 volt one-hour "Smart" Charger (model 1410-E), and a 760 mm flex hose with spring guard (model 1430).

Battery Charger Model 1410-E

"Smart" Charger recharges batteries in just one hour, and keeps them at full charge, ready when you need them.

14,4 Volt/1700mAh Battery, Model 1401

Have a second 14.4 volt battery charged and ready to go so you can keep working without delays.