QLS 401 Compact Lubrication System for NLGI-2 Grease
with stirring paddle and standard full-monitoring


The QLS 401 is designed for all industrial and mobile applications. Up to 18 lubrication points can reliably be supplied with lubricant directly from the pump and monitored at an affordable price.


The QLS 401 is a compact, multifunctional lubrication system with an integrated metering device. It includes all necessary monitoring and control functions. A stirring paddle enables better grease homogenization, thus preventing grease separation, even with long intervals between filling.

System Features

The QLS 401 is not only a lubrication pump, but a complete system that includes all necessary monitoring and control functions as standard features. All components including an internal over-pressure valve are part of the integrated package. The integrated, all-in-one system concept reduces installation time and costs


QLS 401 brochure 
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