Quicklub Progressive Systems
Economical & Reliable

Quicklub Systems have been designed to meet the toughest requirements of lubrication of wind turbines with grease or adhesive lubricants. Their operation is based on the reliable progressive principle in which the lubricant is dispensed by a piston pump via progressive plunger metering devices to the lubrication point. The lubrication occurs in metered, timed intervals at a high pressure. Thus the lubrication of bearings under non-favorable temperatures is viable. The system is easy to monitor and ensures that the right quantity of grease is supplied to the lubrication points.

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Whether you choose a Pump 203 or a QLS, these pumps offer the following common features:
• Variable mounting positions
• Protected pump motor against damage and moisture (IP6K9K)
• Vibration tested up to ± 10 g
• Integrated circuit board with system function monitoring
• Optional external fault control

QLS 401 with Stirring Paddle

Pump 203

• No corrosion of the light-weight pump housing which is made of heavy-duty, fiber-reinforced resin.
• The pump can serve up to three independent circuits, each with its own pump element, consisting of numerous lubrication points with lubricant.
• 2, 4, and 8-liter reservoir with stirring paddle or spring-loaded follower plate. The follower plate ensures that the lubricant can be pumped even when the pump is upside-down.
• Optional integrated display with touch pad and data logger function for the storage of important information such as operating time, faults or blockages and low-level.

Pump QLS

• Complete, compact system ready to use „out of the box“
• Integrated display and keypad
• Standard low-level control
• Built-in over-pressure valve
• Internal lubricant return possibility
• Available with or without attached divider block (up to 18 outlets)


• Installation can be performed with threaded or 350 bar rated Quicklinc plug-in type fittings.
• The high-precision progressive metering device in block-form allows pressure differences of 100 bar and eliminates leaks.
• Multiple outlets of the progressive metering device can easily be internally combined without the need of external connectors


The right amount of lubricant for any application