Easy adjustment of lubricant output with Lincoln metering screw technology

Single-block progressive metering device– now with flexible metering
Wide range of adjustment – meets most needs
Metering screws enable easy adjustment – without the removal of segments – also easy to readjust after installation
SSV-D metering devices are adjustable per outlet pair, thus enabling lubricant requirements to be better met. The metering occurs within the metering block via metering screws that are available in 10 different sizes.

SSVD L metering device with dosing screws

The adjustable SSV-D lubricant dividers are available in the standard sizes from 6 to 22 outlets. Metering screws per outlet pair are available in 10 sizes – 0.8cm⊃, 0.14cm⊃, 0.2cm⊃, 0.3cm⊃, 0.4cm⊃, 0.6cm⊃, 0.8cm⊃, 1.0cm⊃, 1.4cm⊃ and 1.8cm⊃ per outlet and stroke.
Here you will further information of the standard SSV metering devices.

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