Quicklub Systems
Progressive System for Grease or Oil
The Lincoln brush lubrication in conjunction with the Quicklub 203 pump provides an economical entry-level lubrication system. The Quicklub range does however offer numerous add-on possibilities. As a result, it fulfils all expectations for an easy, maintenance-friendly and high quality lubrication system.

System Features

The pump supplies the lubricant either directly or via a progressive metering device to the brushes, which evenly apply the lubricant to the chain. As a result, high-viscous chain oils and lubricants up to NLGI class 2 can be easily, economically and reliably applied. A progressive system can serve up to 250 lubrication points.

Optional system monitoring is offered with a 203 pump incorporating the appropriate PCB and corresponding progressive metering devices. Additional options include low level monitoring.