Quicklub - The Standard Lubrication System


The Lincoln Quicklub series is the standard system for all applications. Quicklub pumps cater to all industry applications involving small and mid-size machinery and systems with up to 250 lubrication points.
The new generation of Quicklub systems now offers the following enhancements and product characteristics – standard
• The new material of the pump housing is extreme weather resistant and not susceptible to UV rays.
• The pump housing has a larger filling port for easy filling of the reservoir
• The strengthened “Polar” stirring paddle is now available in the standard version. This ensures that even at extreme sub-zero temperatures a good lubricant mixing is ensured.
• The stronger spring of the S7 pump element is now used for all pump elements thus providing an improved return of the piston

System Features

Quicklub systems can drive up to 3 individual pump elements that are available in 3 different sizes with fixed output. An adjustable element is also available that can be set to match your requirements.
Reservoir size comes in 2, 4, 8 and 15 litre capacity. For confined spaces, a special 2l flat reservoir is also available.

System Variations

Ask about special versions

• for oil
• w/o controller
• with monitoring and microprocessor
• with run/pause timer
• for trailers
• with QuickData data logger for system diagnostics


SSV Progressive Metering Devices

SSV progressive metering devices in block-style are the ideal extension to Quicklub pumps.
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SSV / SSVL- metering devices  
SSVD / SSVD L- dosable metering devices
SSVE / SSVDE - metering devices with emergency grease nippel
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