Single-line Lubrication System 603 S / 653 S

consisting of

• Pump 603 S or 653 S
• QSL / SL Injectors
• SE1 Suction Elements for Used Lubricant
• PU Lubrication Pinion

Single-line lubrication system, consisting of pump 603 S, SE 1 l suction element and AFB 10 container for used lubricant - installed inside a wind turbine.

• For rotating operation
• QSL metering devices suitable for high pressure
• For fast separating lubricants


Equipment that operates in harsh conditions requires regular lubrication to ensure performance. When a bearing or component fails as a result of insufficient lubrication the result is downtime and losses. The single-line 603S and 653S pumps/systems automatically supply the lubrication points with exact metered quantities in programmed interval while the equipment is in operation.
As a result, the robust system is ideally suited for wind turbines – even offshore applications – and for off-road mobile equipment such as construction and mining machines and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
In the general industry the system is used to lubricate small to mid-sized stationary machines or machine groups.

System elements
Pump and Accessories – All-in-one

The pump with integrated controller is easy to program. The all-in-one design of the pump includes the programmable controller, a pressure switch/transducer and a vent valve.

PU (Polyurethane) Pinion

For the mechanical lubrication of open gear drives. The PU pinion has a special surface to ensure an even 100% lubricant film. Read more under PU Pinion.

SE1 Suction Element
For the Extraction of Used Lubricant from a Single-line System

The SE1 suction element was especially developed to extract the used lubricant from single-line systems used in wind turbines. The used lubricant is collected in a separate 10 liter container AFB 10 and can be recycled – or used for example for the lubrication of gear drives. Click here for more information on SE1 Suction Elements for Used Lubricant.

QSL and SL Injectors

The metal-to-metal fit of the injectors makes them suitable for high pressure. Each injector’s output can be individually set. The injector function is generally visually monitored, but optional electrical monitoring or a GSM controlled system is available. Click here for more information on QSL / SL-Injectors.

Simple System Design - Easy to Expand

The single-line system’s design and layout is uncomplicated, making it easy to install and operate. A single mainline reduces material and installation costs.

Easy to Service

It is quick and easy to exchange out an injector. The mainline or neighboring injectors do not have to be removed. The exchange can be performed between lubrication cycles so that there is no wastage of lubricant or excessive costly downtime.

Visual Monitoring – To Ensure all is Well

Each injector has an indicator pin that moves with the pressure buildup and venting. This facilitates easy trouble-shooting when required by simply observing the indicator pins.

Additional Pressure Switch

An additional pressure switch at the end of larger systems can be used for added pressure control to ensure correct lubrication.

 Single-line pump 603 S