Polyurethane Lubrication Pinion
for Gear Drive Lubrication

• Even, constantly renewed lubrication film via special surface structure
• Corrosion protection
• Simple installation
• Short service time

The new Lincoln lubrication pinion made from wear-resistant polyurethane, was specially developed for the lubrication of gear drives.
The lubrication pinion applies a 100%, constantly renewed lubrication film to the tooth flank, thus reducing wear and providing corrosion protection of the gear drive.
An important factor when lubricating is the usage of a suitable lubricant that doesn’t drip under high temperatures. We will gladly supply the results of detailed tests for new lubricants.
The new lubrication pinion applies the lubricant only to the loaded area of the tooth flank and not over the entire tooth or root.
The lubrication pinion can be supplied with lubricant by a Lincoln Quicklub progressive system or a single-line system with comprehensive control options.

Polyurethane Lubrication Pinion