Accessories for Lubrication

Useful accessories and installation components for international systems.

System description:

The perfect fit for proper installation of our system components built in Europe, these lubrication accessories are offered for our systems house installers and other systems professionals.

Everything from Electronic Pressure Switches with Digital Displays, Pressure Gauges, Lubricant Filters, Solenoid Valves, Controllers, Hose, Tube and Fittings to Connectors and Swivels, Quicklink®, Push-in Type, Bulkhead Fitting, Clamps and Repair Parts.

If you have questions about how to select the proper accessories, use the catalog pages below and feel free to contact our Technical Service department.
  • Buying Lincoln accessories for Lincoln systems guarantees a perfect fit
  • Our systems house installers and other professionals use only Lincoln accessories, ensuring effective system performance

ALS Reservoir Fill System
Lincoln has introduced its new ALS Fill Pump Kits for quickly filling automatic lubrication system reservoirs in lube truck, shop or plant applications.

Developed for small- to medium-sized reservoirs, these kits feature Lincoln’s high-volume PMV 25:1 pumps which deliver grease up to three times faster than similar 50:1 pumps.

The ALS Fill Pump Kits include custom filling fittings for Lincoln Quicklub and P653S systems and high-flow, reservoir-coupling technology. Available with a choice of pumps for lube truck, stationary and portable applications, the kits come with 440-, 120- or 35-pound containers. In addition, the easy-to-use systems feature an exclusive relieving design that prevents a hydraulic-lock condition if the delivery hose is accidentally pressurized.