Automated Chain lubrication

Lincoln automated chain lubrication systems provide an exact metered quantity of lubricant and apply it reliably to the chain where it is required.

System description:

Despite new types of material and advanced technology, many chains still require lubrication. Optimum lubrication reduces friction and subsequent wear on chains. The largest relative movement of all chains occurs between the link plate and the chain stud, and it is here where considerable forces are present. Insufficient lubrication of this area will result in premature wear and chain failure. The consequence is expensive production downtime. Precise and efficient lubrication is a prerequisite for trouble-free operation and a long life of the chain.

Modern automated chain lubrication systems apply precisely metered quantities of lubricant to the chain, exactly where it is needed – while the chain is in operation. Proper metering keeps the lubricant quantity to a minimum, yet ensures sufficient amounts, thus reducing the impact on your budget and, of course, the environment!

Lincoln systems minimize chain wear and noise levels. The life span of chains can often be increased by ten times and more.

More information:

  • Increase life expectancy of the chain
  • Minimize downtime resulting from insufficient lubrication
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce lubricant consumption
  • Absorb shocks & beats
  • Cooling of fast-running chains
  • Silencing of noise