System description:

Centralized lubrication system - for chains and chain groups of machines.
The Centro-Matic system is designed for the centralized oil lubrication of slow moving chains and especially for groups of chains that are individually operated.

The chain speed can be up to 6 m/min if brushes are used. For contact-free squirt applications, the chain speed is dependent on the chain division and the number of employed SL-43 lubricant injectors.

Centro-Matic systems meter the oil in exact quantities, independent of the oil viscosity and flow resistance. The oil quantity is adjustable on the SL-43 injector. The high operating pressure of the injector enables an accurate expulsion of oil. The result is optimum chain lubrication and an economical usage of lubricant.

The lubrication of the chain does not require compressed air, the only air that may be required is to drive the pump that supplies the lubricant injectors with oil.
  • Up to 6 m/min
  • Optimum chain lubrication
  • Economical usage of lubricant
  • Lubrication does not require compressed air