EOS and MOS Single-line oil system for chain lubrication

Single-line oil system with electrical or mechanical drive - for few, so moving chain
System description:


The EOS is the reliable and most economical solution for the oil lubrication of chains. The system is a direct operating, electrically driven, single-line centralized lubrication system. The system is ideal for machines with chain drives and 12/24 VDC power supply – e.g. agricultural equipment such as balers. A typical industrial application is for packaging machines such as palletizers.

The metering elements supply the required oil quantity in time-controlled intervals to brushes which evenly apply the oil to the chain. The required metered quantity of oil can be adjusted to properly match the working condition, the size and length of the chain. The metering range selection of 0.1, 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 cm3 provides versatility to ensure that requirements are met.

EOS - The EOS Controller

For machines without a controller, Lincoln offers a 12/24 VDC controller. The pause time is adjustable from 1 to 100 minutes. The controller enables a simple retrofit installment of the EOS oil lubrication system.


The MOS comprises a mechanically driven oil pump model with downstream manifold-mounted restrictor elements for the dosage of the oil to the chain. The pump is driven via an eccentric and is suitable for continuous operation.

The oil application occurs with brushes or felt pads that are especially suitable for a complete coverage of the entire chain. Simultaneously, dirt and particles are scraped off the chain – making the lubrication process even more effective.
  • Electrical or mechanical drive - for few, so moving chain
  • Reliable and most economical solution for the oil lubrication of chains