PMA2 solenoid pump

Contact-free oil lubrication for fast moving chains - (airless oil lubrication – without compressed air)

System description:

The PMA 2 solenoid pump is designed for a contact-free oil lubrication of chains. The exact metered quantity of oil is squirted without air (airless), and without producing an oil mist, while the chain is in operation.

The pump is capable of trouble-free lubrication of fast moving chains – maximum 5 cycles per second. 

A single pump can supply 1 to 6 oil squirt nozzles. The metered quantity of oil per cycle is either 30 mm3 or 60 mm3. Double-nozzles are also available which further increase the number of points served by the pump. 

The drive magnet is characterized by its high performance and long duty-cycle, thus enabling a reliable operation of the pump in extreme conditions.
  • Airless oil lubrication – without compressed air
  • Contact-free oil lubrication
  • Up to 5 cycles per second
  • High performance and long duty-cycle drive magnet