Centro-Matic® Lubrication Systems

Single-line parallel automatic lubrication systems for grease and oil.

System description:

Systems can service one machine, different zones on machines, or even several separate machines.  Regardless of the application, the central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors.  Each injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease of oil required.

Centro-Matic systems can be designed with air-operated, electric, manual or hydraulic pumps.

More information:

  • Easy to understand, install and maintain
  • Powerful pump units for large-scale systems
  • Injectors are externally adjustable for the correct amount of lubricant

SL-32HV High-Vent Injectors
Lincoln is pleased to introduce its new SL-32HV high-vent injectors for cold weather operations and applications requiring faster venting. These versatile injectors are suitable for a wide range of industries, including food and beverage, industrial automation, machine tool, oil and gas, steel, pulp and paper, marine and forestry applications, as well as construction, wind energy, mobile on-road, metal removal equipment and more.

The SL-32HV high-vent injectors provide improved functionality in cold temperatures and enable the use of heavier greases. Because less-expensive, smaller-diameter tubing can be utilized, the SL-32HV can lower installation costs.