New Centro-Matic SL-V Injectors

Lincoln is reinventing Centro-Matic, our industry-standard automatic lubrication system - reducing total system cost, significantly improving performance and providing increased benefits for customers.  The changes are built around the new SL-V Injector. Since the system was first introduced in 1937, there have been many improvements to the injectors and other elements of the system, but the SL-V represents the most significant advance in the history of the line.

The SL-V provides many benefits because the new injector allows Centro-Matic systems to vent quickly which means the injectors reset many times faster. This has several implications when designing a system:

Use heavier grease - This provides the potential to eliminate grease change-out due to temperature variations where lubricants are switched to lower viscosities in cold winter climates

Reduce supply line diameter - This will save money on plumbing costs when designing a system.

Run longer supply lines - This gives you greater flexibility when installing systems and makes Centro-Matic a more effective option for many applications.

Replace dual-line systems - Where Centro-Matic may not have been an option in the past, the SL-V's superior venting capability means applications in traditional two-line markets like steel and cement now can be satisfied with Centro-Matic.

Use SL-V injectors as replacements to the SL - in any application as they are fully compatible and mount on the same manifolds. Adding an SL-V to any existing SL-1 system will provide improved venting and system performance.

These patented injectors (Patent No. 6,705,432) feature a visual bypass indicator that warns of an internal bypass eliminating the need to remove feed-lines for bypass inspection. In addition, an available Spectrum Adjustment System that allows quick setting of injector output. This feature is not only ensures accurate and repeatable output settings, it gives a visual indication of output setting using color-coding. Every injector comes with a bulletproof protective cap for no additional cost.

  • SL-V Brochure - Click on this link to review the literature for the new injectors.

Centro-Matic SL-V Videos

Cutaway Animation -- View the internal features of the SL-V injector with this video file we've converted to Flash to enable you to view the complete file with audio. Choose the correct file based on your connection speed. Allow enough time for the file to load before it begins to play.



Vent Speed Demonstration -- View a demonstration of the superior venting capability of the SL-V.
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These videos require Flash. which can be downloaded using the link below.