Helios Dual-line Lubrication System

High-pressure dual-line system for grease or oil.

System description:

Dual-line systems are popular around the world for their ability to supply lubricant in large facilities under demanding conditions like those found in steel mills, cement companies and sugar mills. In dual-line systems, the lubricant is supplied to a change-over valve by a central pump. From there it is supplied alternately into one of the two main lines.

The system can be operated with manual, electric or hydraulic pumps. Centralized pumping stations with lubricant container systems and PowerMaster supply pumps provide lubrication for your entire plant.

More information:



  • Exact lubrication over large application areas
  • Components designed to interchange with your existing equipment 
  • Metering valves feature built-in cross port selector that makes it easy to choose single- or twin-outlet function
  • Standard indicator pin cover on the metering valves protects the unit from dirt, dust and moisture