Modular Lube® Lubrication Systems

Single-line progressive systems for grease and oil Pump-to-point lubricator for oil with segmented metering valves.

System description:

Progressive plunger systems lubricate many points, one after another. A pump moves grease or oil to the lubrication point via progressive metering valves. Modular Lube valves are custom-sized for each series of lubrication points and can be serviced without disturbing the primary installation. Equipped with the proper accessories, the system can also detect lubricant blockage.

Divider valves

Modular pumps

Reciprocating and MCLP pumps

Pump-to-point lubricators

System controls

  • Add or delete lubrication points without disturbing existing piping.
  • Requires less piping and tubing, reducing costs
  • Close piston-to-valve tolerances assure a positive stall against blockages
  • Modular concept allows faster changing of metering valve sizes

Lincoln Improves Progressive Divider Valves
Lincoln has introduced its improved MC2-HP Series Progressive Divider Valves for natural gas transmission and processing, oil and gas production, and petrochemical and refining applications. The valve delivers oil reliably and consistently at high back pressures and low lubricant flow rates.

Featuring a precision-machined, piston-to-bore tolerance fit, the MC2-HP Series valves minimize internal leakage around the piston. The increased piston valve land area provides better sealing and improved output performance to ensure reliable and accurate oil delivery to all critical compressor cylinder and packing points.