Multi-line and Progressive System

Multi line and multi-line-progressive systems for grease.

System description:

Multi-line and progressive systems constantly operate as long as lubricant is fed by the pump. For systems that have more than one lubrication point within a relatively short distance, a pure multi-line system is not economical. Additionally, pure multi-line systems are not easily monitored. As a result, progressive systems or combined progressive/multi-line systems often provide the best solution. The high-precision SSV progressive metering valve divides the lubricant input, without a reduction in volume, into desired quantities.

More information:

  • Visual or electric monitoring of the entire system via metering device
  • Guaranteed lubrication even under severe conditions
  • Easily extendable via additional pump element
  • Capable of completely supplying machines or small systems with lubricant

EDL1 Electrically driven lubricator
The Lincoln EDL1 is an innovative dosage and pressure-booster pump of unmatched simplicity. It is designed to increase input pressures of at least 2 bar (29 psi) up to a maximum of 280 bar (4 060 psi).

The Lincoln EDL1 operates effectively in challenging environments, including outdoor applications with fluctuating temperatures.  Because lubricant is supplied by means of filling pumps or pressurized cartridges, the device provides flexibility and self-sufficient function, even in remote locations.