HTL 101 Hydraulic Lubrication Pump
System description:

The HTL 101 is ideal for hydraulic hammers, breakers, grippers, crushers, as well as for mini hydraulic excavators and machinery.
The HTL 101 is driven by the on-board hydraulic system and continuously supplies small adjustable quantities of grease while the machinery is in operation.

Additional drives, control valves, auxiliary power or electrical connections are not required and direct mounting reduces piping, making the installation easy and inexpensive.

The compact design allows the pump to be mounted directly on the unit that is to be lubricated. In the case of tool lubrication, this means that the lubrication pump stays with the unit and is independent of the carrier.
  • For the continuous lubrication of small pneumatically operated machines
  • Driven by the pneumatic system of the machine
  • Designed to minimize friction and reduce wear
  • Provides an economical alternative to larger pneumatic pumps
  • Very compact
  • Can be installed on almost all machine types