Spray and Special Lubrication Systems

PMA Squirt, HAS Spray and Cobra moving conveyor lubrication systems.

System description:

HSA Spray System for grease

The spray nozzles are designed for the spraying of adhesive lubricants on pinions and open gears. The SDLKR series nozzles fully automatically control the throughput of lubricant and compressed air. Both media are metered in the nozzle at the same time, and the flow of both are monitored. Systems use multi-line pumps or air-operated barrel pumps. Used for demanding applications in cement manufacturing, mining and industries with open gear applications.


Cobra Conveyor Lubrication Systems

The Cobra unit supplies lubricant to the lubrication points of conveyors whose rollers or bolts move in a straight line. Mechanically controlled and pneumatic versions are available. Made for track rollers of heavy-duty or overhead conveyor units in mining, steel and cement industries, automotive manufacturing and food processing industry.


PMA Squirt Systems

The gravity fed magnetically operated piston pump is signaled by a proximity switch. Then fixed quantities of oil are supplied to the nozzles by the pumping elements, thus squirting a fine drop of oil on the wear point. Each pump can feed four nozzles. Used for high-stressed chains in automotive assembly, metalworking, food and beverage operations and forest products manufacturing.


More information:

  • Automatically control the throughput of lubricant and compressed air
  • Mechanically controlled and pneumatic versions are available