SAF/HSA Spray Lubrication System

These systems are for the spraying of adhesive-type lubricants on to pinions of open gears. They can also be used for other applications.

System description:

These systems are based on SAF series pneumatic pumps for 200 l drums, or the 200 series multi-line reservoir pumps, or in conjunction with ejectors and a drum pump. The HSA wide-angle spray nozzles are used and are available in several versions depending on your requirement level.

A unique feature from Lincoln is the fully monitored spray nozzle.

The SDLKR series nozzles are the only nozzles that monitor both the flow of air and lubricant within the nozzle via a proximity switch

The economical SD series can be monitored via a progressive metering device, but doesn’t offer direct, full-function nozzle monitoring.
  • Available in several versions depending on your requirement level
  • Fully monitored spray nozzle