Bulk oil and DEF packages
We offer power, durability and reliability for stationary, installed and portable service applications in heavy-duty shops.
System description:

Bulk oil and DEF pumps

Lincoln's heavy-duty answer to the EPA's new emission regulations.

Bulk oil and DEF hose reels

Bulk oil and DEF Accessories

Nozzles, meters, control valves and more to complement your bulk oil or DEF system.



1392 Lever-action DEF transfer pump

Made from premium-grade polypropylene to protect the purity of your DEF

Lincoln model 1392 is an addition to our line of DEF-compatible pumps and features the industry-preferred polypropylene construction.  The telescoping pickup tube makes it suitable for a wide range of tank depths.  Its unique locking ring enables you to optimize nozzle placement to minimize pump load and simplify operation.

The pump package includes a premium non-kink, six-foot hose with 3/4-inch outlet nozzle that fits all standard DEF reservoirs. It also has a 45-degree nozzle for dispensing fluid at the pump head.

The pump’s threaded 2-inch bung mounts securely to bulk DEF tanks, providing stable pumping action while also helping prevent DEF contamination.