Bulk Oil Systems
3:1 and 5:1 Ratio Pump Packages

Lincoln pump 3:1 and 5:1 ratio packages include *600003 regulator, *600401 gauge, 815 coupler and 11659 nipple. Control valve, inline meter or handheld metering control valve must be ordered separately (except model *4283).

*Model 4283 5:1 with 50' Reel & Meter
Deluxe assembly including 84934 5:1 ratio pump with bung bushing, universal suction tube with foot valve to fit any size container up to 275 gallons. Includes 1/2" x 50' oil hose reel 94354 with 2' connecting hose. 967 electronic meter totalizes in gallons with quart, gallon or pint readout.
NOTE: Pipe, fittings and hardware for installation of overhead reel assembly supplied by others.

Reel • Pump • Meter Packages
Lincoln puts all the components you specify in one easy-to-order package.
RPM Packages

RPM 7 282398 / 3:1
94334 952 quarts *600003  *600401
RPM 8 282398 / 3:1 94334 954 universal *600003 *600401
RPM 10 84934 / 5:1 94334 954 universal *600003 *600401
NOTE: Always consult fluid/solution manufacturer specifications AND local fire code(s) before installing any pump into service. Most modern automotive fluid/solutions include some type of “additive package” which may not be compatible with the typical applications listed below. Some fluids or solutions are considered flammable and/or combustible in which case the 4283 dispensing pump should be properly grounded. (Order air coupler and air nipple separately)

*Model 4493 Value Series Pump, Reel and Meter Package

  • Configured for above-ground tank installations.
  • For use with natural and synthetic oils, automatic transmission fluid, gear oil, antifreeze or hydraulic oil throughout the shop.
  • Fast, reliable dispensing with the 4491/six GPM free delivery pump.
  • Easy handling, dependable service with the 94000 Series hose reel’s heavy-gauge steel base, brass bushings and extra-wide hose guide.
  • Accurate and easy dispensing with the 952 electronic oval gear meter with flexible extension.
  • Package includes 4491/3.5:1 pump, 94334 reel with 30' x 1⁄2" hose, ball stop, 952 electronic meter (measures in quarts), air line regulator and gauge, air coupler and nipple, 2' fluid connecting hose from pump to reel and adapter union.




*California Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning.