Transfer Pumps

Horizontal Transfer Pumps

These proven horizontal, valved-piston motor designed transfer pumps were created for simplicity and reliability. They are a cost-effective solution for oil distributors who need to supply pumps for customers who purchase bulk oil in tanks or drums. Available as stub pumps, 16-/55-gallon pump or 250-to 275-gallon tank pump.

Features and Benefits - Designed for Value

  • Proven horizontal, valved-piston motor design for simplicity and reliability.
  • Provides quick dispense, fill or transfer with high-volume output.
  • Built-in muffler for quiet operation
  • Cost-effective solution for oil distributors who need to supply pumps for customers who purchase bulk oil in tanks or drums.
  • Available as stub pump, 16-/55-gallon pump or 250- to 275-gallon tank pump
  • Motor's single-stroke action delivers cost effective, high performance
  • Provides quick dispense and fill of ATF, oil, gear, lube and other fluid lubricants with the speed of many higher-priced pumps
  • Ideal for use with one or two overhead reels in applications such as medium-to-light vehicle service facilities, car dealerships, small contractors, farmers and agriculture equipment dealers

Model 4475

Model 4480

Model 84829

Model 82230

Stub Pumps

Model 84829 Universal
Stub pump design provides the versatility to transfer and dispense controlled amounts of lubricant using an oil spigot, control valve or meter. Adaptable for 16- or 55-gal. containers as well as bulk tank or standpipe installations. Delivers 12.5 cu. in. per cycle. Includes air motor 84831, pump tube 84828, suction tube, bung bushing, air coupler and air nipple.

Model 82230
Transfer pump quickly transfers fluids directly from 55-gallon drums. 2" bung bushing adjusts to varied drum lengths. Designed to stall against lubricant pressure. Use built-in air control valve to adjust fluid output flow.

Model 1326

Model 1335(1)

Stub Pumps

Model 1326 Diaphragm Action
Neoprene seals resist wear from abrasive fluids. Double-acting diaphragm delivers one full gallon per eight strokes. 8' hose with discharge nozzle.

Model 1335(1)
Telescoping pick-up tube for 16-through 55-gallon drums with standard 2" bung openings. Bung opening tool built into pump head to open sealed refinery containers. Provides 8.5 fl. oz. per full stroke. For use with non-corrosive fluids such as motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, engine coolant and more.

Model Pump Descript. Pump Body Wetted or Spot Parts Pump Inlet/Outlet NPT Max. Free Delivery GPM Air Inlet NPT (f) Max. Susp. Solids Dia. Typical Automotive Use
84829 stub alum/steel/
Buna-N 1"/3/4" 14 gpm 1/4" NA Universal/new oil transfer
82230 55-gall. alum/steel Buna-N 3/4" - 20 gpm 1/4" NA 55-gal drum

Model 84080-9

Transfer System

Pump material from one container or reservoir to another. Typical applications involve high volume transfer of low to medium viscosity fluids.

Model Container Size Ratio Max. Discharge
Pressure psi / bar
84080-9 55 gallon 3:1 375/26
84145-9 Bulk 3:1 375/26
82230 16 gall or 55 gall 1:1 150/10
84829 16 gall, 55 gall or Bulk 1:1 150/10

*Accessories for 82230: 82715-Teflon®Kit; 91172-Hose & Nozzle 2

Model Max. Delivery GPM/LPM Pump Tube Const. Packings Pump Outlet
84080-9 2.5 / 9.5 316 Stainless Steel Teflon® 1/2" NPT
84145-9 2.5 / 9.5 316 Stainless Steel Teflon® 1/2" NPT
82230 22 / 82 55-gallon Carbon Steel 3/4" - 11-1/2"
84829 16.5 / 66 55-gallon Tube-Carbon Outlet Body Valox 3/4" NPT

Model Special Features
84080-9 2" bun bushing and 1/4" NPTF return outlet
84145-9 Wall mount kit, and suction hose check1
82230 Built-in control valve for throttling air supply to pump to control material output. Operates on pressure as low 20 psi (1.4 bar). Self adjusting bushing
84829 Light weight and efficient. The pump wills tall against pressure and can be controlled by a fluid dispensing valve.


  1. Suction hose or tube (not included) should be compatible with pumped product and not exceed 10'(3m) long nor less than 3/4" (19mm) I.D.
  2. 91172 transfer pump hose. 8 feet (2.5 m) 3/4" (19mm) I.D. standard hose and curved spout, with inlet threaded 3/4" - 11 - 1/2" A.N. to fit outlet of 82230 pump.
  3. For transfer systems involving long supply lines, PowerMaster III Stub Pumps are available. Consult Lincoln for your application needs.

Model 84145-9

Model 82230

FlowMaster® Rotary-Driven Pump & Reel Features

  • Fully hydraulic FlowMaster pump performs in cold or hot weather conditions
  • It's compact, fitting inside machine compartments
  • Great for use with high-viscosity grease
  • Reel and valve for high-pressure operation

System Specifications

Max. Grease Pressure Max. Output Volume Operating Temperature Pump Ratio Grease Outlet
4500 psi 22 in3 -20° to 150°F 10:1 1/4" NPTF
320 bar 360 cm3 -10°C to 65°C 10:1 1/4" NPTF

Weight (Pump Bar) Hydraulic Inlet/ Return Ports Max. Inlet Press. Hydraulic Supply Max. Inlet Flow Max. Fluid Temp.
36 lbs 3/8" NPTF 450 psi 7 gallons/min. 200°F
16 kg 3/8" NPTF 32 bar 26.5 liters/min 93°C

New FlowMaster Models

Kit No. Description Bare Pump Lid Follower Reel/
Control Valve
& Swivel
86261 5-gal pump 85486 271705 252725 - - -
86262 5-gal pump with 30'
x 1/4" hose, 5' connecting hose
94532G 75060 740, 81387

Model 4481 Oil Rider

Portable pump, tank and meter package for handling synthetic and conventional motor oils and other specialty fluids. Includes 4475 pump, 28-gallon high-strength polyethylene tank, 10' hose and electronic meter.

  • Quick, reliable vehicle service fluid transfer with Lincoln's 4475 single stroke pump.
  • Accurate,dependable fluid measurement and dispensing with Lincoln's precise and rugged 952 oval gear electronic meter.
  • Services 20 or more cars with the high-capacity 28-gallon tank.
  • Easy to maneuver around the shop with baffled tank mounted on large pneumatic wheels.
  • Helps protect vehicle finish when working in tight spaces with the strong, yet light-weight polyethylene tank.
  • Store the 10' hose and meter safely out of the way on molded brackets.
Model 1550 Fuel transfer pump

Lincoln's model 1550 fuel transfer pump quickly delivers diesel, kerosene, or mineral spirits from both mobile and stationary tanks. Its durable cast-iron housing, long-life, low-friction vanes, special seal design, UL-listed motor and stainless steel outlet adapter provide reliability in even the harshest environments.

  • Self-priming, cast iron pump
  • Insulated, weatherproof design
  • Stainless steel 90° hose adapter
  • 1 in. (25.4 mm) pump inlet and outlet offer high flow rate
  • 360°, locking bung for proper positioning
  • Three-piece telescoping pick-up tube for varying tank depths
  • Pre-wired, heavy-gauge, 18 ft. (5.5m) cable for operator convenience
  • 13 ft. (4 m), commerical-grade, kink-resistant, anti-static hose
  • Long-life, low-friction polymer vanes provide extended service intervals


Model 384829 1:1-ratio transfer pump

An upgraded version of Lincoln’s proven pump technology, the 384829 1:1 ratio high-volume transfer pump provides a practical method of delivering motor oil, ATF, gear oil and hydraulic fluids from large storage tanks or 16- and 55-gallon drums. Each pump comes with a 33.5-inch plastic extension tube that can be cut to fit the specific tank or drum depth.

  • Efficiently and quickly transfers fluids from all types of standard containers
  • Delivers proven, reliable performance at a competitive price
  • Pump stalls against pressure and is activated by opening dispense valve
  • Features universal suction tube
  • Functions in harsh environments
  • Capable of use with installed piping, hose and spigot valves
  • Can be installed on mobile lube carts
  • Totally serviceable



(1) California Proposition 65: Click here to read the full warning.