Grease guns
System description:
Heavy Duty Grease Guns

These models have the same great features as the manual grease guns with added capabilities like dual pressure (for either high-output or high-pressure jobs) and plated gun barrels.

Premium Clear Grease Guns

Clear Grease Guns allow for 100% positive grease-type identification, eliminating the risk of mixing incompatible or unspecified grease. Numerous models available.

Manual grease guns

The first choice of top mechanics and industrial maintenance professionals. These guns are designed for rough treatment on the job with cast iron pump heads, precision fit plungers, and more.

Pneumatic Grease Guns

Improve productivity with our powerful, fully automatic air-powered grease guns, featuring the same attention to performance as our manual grease guns.

PowerLuber Grease Guns

The PowerLuber family of grease guns includes 18-, 14.4-, and 12-volt Ni-Cad models; 18- and 20-volt Lithium-Ion models; a 120vAC model; and a fully automated, air-powered grease gun.

Lincoln Chip-On-Board LED Light Reel
Developed for automotive repair and service applications, this versatile light can be used under the hood, inside the car or under the dash. It also is suitable for general industry and workshop use for tasks in areas without direct lighting. In addition, the reel increases safety by storing cords off of the floor.

Compact and durable, the UL-listed reel withstands harsh environments and is resistant to dropping, moisture and chemicals. Its spring-powered, automatic recoil and adjustable cord stop provide operator convenience. The light reel also includes a steel mounting bracket for installation on a wall, ceiling or bench.