Automotive and Industrial Hose Reels

We offer our Golden Standard hose reels, our Heavy-Duty Series and High Flow units for service and fleet applications. Plus, we have all the reel cabinets, lubrication stations and related accessories you need.

System description:

Decades of experience and engineering refinement mean better performance.

Lincoln’s Fluid Reel Series (LFR)

Lincoln's best value is exemplified in our LFR Series reels. Whether you need a low, medium or high-pressure rating, for grease, oil or air and water, Lincoln offers a standard reel to fit the application. For use with 30', 50', or 60’ hoses.

Heavy Duty Series

Our toughest, long-life reels, the HD Series provides reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. For use with 30', 40' or 50'; low, medium or high pressure hoses.

High Flow Series 

These industrial strength hose reels are designed for applications that require high product flow and/or longer hose length. Models available to work with hose lengths up to 75'. Ideal for service trucks, transit facilities and large fleet shops. Fuel Reel Assemblies with super-duty reels in complete assemblies with hose and nozzle are also available.

Decorative Hose Reels

A streamlined appearance is only one benefit to decorative hose reels.  Also consider they are dent and scratch resistant, non conductive, non-corrosive, and easy to maintain. 

Dual Arm Series 

This commercial strength hose reel is constructed to sustain repeated use in automotive environments and industrial settings.  Double base support withstands extra vibrations and provides smooth hose pull-out and retraction.

Value Series Air Hose Reel

Are you searching for a long lasting air hose reel including a heavy-duty air hose at a great value?  Our Value Series hose reel has many features you will find on Lincoln high quality hose reels.


Light and Power Reels

Lincoln light and power reels are durable enough to withstand nearly any challenge. 


Accessories for Industrial Hose Reels

Everything you need from decorative cabinets to complete lubrication and fluid dispensing stations, plus all mounting gear and other accessories you need are available from your Lincoln representative.
  • Decades of experience and engineering refinement guarantee better performance
  • Lincoln reels offer the best value for any needs for grease, oil, air, water, light or power
  • Lincoln Decorative Hose Reel cabinets offer streamlined appearance, but because they are dent and scratch resistant, non conductive and non-corrosive, they are safe and easy to maintain

Lincoln Chip-On-Board LED Light Reel
Developed for automotive repair and service applications, this versatile light can be used under the hood, inside the car or under the dash. It also is suitable for general industry and workshop use for tasks in areas without direct lighting. In addition, the reel increases safety by storing cords off of the floor.

Compact and durable, the UL-listed reel withstands harsh environments and is resistant to dropping, moisture and chemicals. Its spring-powered, automatic recoil and adjustable cord stop provide operator convenience. The light reel also includes a steel mounting bracket for installation on a wall, ceiling or bench.