Lincoln Fluid Control

Lincoln's LFC Family of Fluid Inventory Control Management Systems

System description:

A complete offering of systems to meet the varying needs of vehicle service centers! Each system offers increased control over the authorization, management and recording of fluids used to service the growing fleets of private and commercial vehicles.

LFC Family Adds New Capability
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The LMC 301 is a compact, modularly expandable control and monitoring device. The device is equipped with an LCD display and 6 functional keys for programming, parameter setting and signalization. The user is guided through the setting menu. Additionally, there is a simple-to-use PC software for parameter setting and diagnostics available.

  •     Integrated, flexible lubrication programs
  •     Usable for single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems
  •     Basic device with 10 digital inputs, of which two can be used analogously, and eight outputs
  •     Up to seven extension modules can be added, whereby each module has 10 E 8 A just like the basic device
  •     Three lubrication pumps can be controlled and monitored, each of which provides up to three lubrication circuits
  •     Single modules are connected by a bus interface


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  • Choice of five unique systems to meet your specific control level management need
  • The latest technology including a totally wireless communication system eliminates hard wiring of components
  • Supervisor and operator levels of security let you decide who can use, program, and monitor the system
  • Manage up to eight fluids and 64 dispense locations with a single system
  • PC interface packages offer enhanced set-up, control and reporting capabilities
  • Complete System Source: controls, pumps, reels

2nd Generation LFC2000 and LFC2500
SKF today announced the introduction of its second-generation Lincoln LFC 2000 and LFC 2500 fluid management systems for vehicle service applications. The redesigned systems include several improvements and feature a new radio technology that enhances operation.  

The upgraded LFC systems utilize one meter for both oils and special fluids and offer new 2.4 GHz ZigBee radio technology for higher power. The easy-to-install units have automatic gain control to eliminate close-distance issues and automatically select the channel with least interference for improved communication. The LFC systems also have a new security PIN procedure for changing parameters.